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Housing Element Update

Community Meetings were held on June 23rd 2021 and on August 5th 2021. These meetings allowed for citizen input on the Housing Element Update, which is a community plan for all types of housing for the next eight years. Resources from the the two meetings are available on the Housing Element Update webpage.

Managing Water Resources

The City of Orland has declared a Drought State of Emergency and determined Orland to be in Stage 1 of its 4-stage Water Shortage Contingency Plan. This 2014 document was recently updated and adopted by the City Council July 6th, 2021. The Plan addresses water conservation targets and actions to achieve those targets.

Restrictions on use of water for landscape irrigation, and tiered cost increases for higher volume water consumption, can be expected if/when the City enters Stage 2. Water levels of all City groundwater wells are being checked weekly and tracked carefully. So far, our municipal wells are in good shape.

Orland residents can take pride in their continued conservation of water since the last drought, saving 22-30% per year every year compared to the benchmark 2013. That’s a savings of around 200 million gallons per year! We need to continue to look for ways to reduce unnecessary water usage as we manage our resources through this drought.

The City continues to defer shut-offs for nonpayment, started last year in recognition of economic challenges due to Covid. If you are having trouble affording your water bill, please contact City Hall to arrange a payment schedule.

For those property owners in our community whose domestic wells have dried up, the City of Orland is making bulk water available at $10/1000 gallons, until further notice. Call 865-1610 for more info. Bulk water is also available from City of Willows at 934-7041.

orland fire department

Orland Fire Department – Insurance Rating Improves!

The latest press release announces that the Orland Fire Department’s protection rating has improved. The new rating indicates superior access to fire suppression facilities, water, equipment and personnel.

sports balls

Recreation Department – Online Registration Now Available!

The Recreation Department will now be utilizing recdesk, an online registration tool, for park and pool reservations as well as program registration. Please contact the Recreation Director, Joe Fenske at (530) 865-1630 if you have any questions or are in need of assistance.

amazon vans

Amazon Delivery Station – Opened in Orland

A new Amazon Delivery Station opened in Orland in April 2021 and is currently up and running. The facility is located at the Orland Airport Industrial Park and it offers up approximately 100 to 150 new full-time and part-time jobs within the warehouse and approximately the same number of employees as delivery drivers. For more information, check out this article! Job description and application process are available online.


Measure A Report for 20-21 Fiscal Year

The Measure A Report is a local sales tax report that states the income and expenditures for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021. The sales tax measure was voted in by the Orland Community in 2016. This report continues to be published each year in an effort to provide transparency to Orland’s citizens.

Latest Consumer Confidence Report Available

The 2020 CCR is now available for viewing. Any questions, or to receive a paper copy, please contact Jennifer Schmitke, Public Works, at (530) 865-1610.

box of wipes

No Wipes in the Pipes!

With many residents turning to paper towels, napkins, and flushable wipes as alternatives to toilet paper it is important to remember to not flush these items down the toilet!

These materials can cause serious issues for your own pipes and also for the City’s Wastewater System. Disposable disinfectant wipes, baby wipes, and even so‑called “flushable” wipes do not break down easily (or at all) once they are flushed. Paper products other than toilet paper do not break down once in the sewer line. No matter what the label says, don’t flush them, trash them instead.

When these wipes and other materials interact with fats, oils, grease or invasive roots in the sewer, they bind together, causing blockages and creating the potential for overflows. Sewer backups can be both messy and costly to clean up. When these items are flushed, our sewer pipes and pump stations require increased monitoring, maintenance, and repair. This increases operational costs, which are paid for by your sewer rates. If wipes and other materials can clog our large sewer pipes, they can definitely clog your home’s much smaller pipes too, requiring you to hire and pay a plumber to clear that blockage.

Please help spread the word! Tell your family members to only flush toilet paper and nothing else. At work, you can help by posting notices in bathrooms and other places where paper towels, wipes, or rags might be used or disposed of. With your help we can prevent any issues from occurring during this already difficult time.

Remember…“Trash ‘em, don’t flush ‘em!”

honeybee discovery center sign

Orland’s Honeybee Discovery Center is Open!

The first interactive exhibit and museum of its kind will be opened in Orland at the corner of Walker and Fifth Streets. The Honeybee Discovery Center will teach the importance of pollinators in our environment, share the history of beekeeping and offer a pollinator garden. The gallery will be opened the First Friday of the month from 3 to 7PM.

bee city logo

City of Orland – 40th Bee City USA and Queen Bee Capital of North America!

Press release and a short news clip from KRCR TV news.

Orland Center for the Arts & Gallery

city of orland downtown

High Rises and Homesteads

The Gallery's October/November show features artists Gerald Aguiar and Margaret Eldred and will be from October 1st thru November 20th.