Commissions & Committees

More information can be obtained from Janet Wackerman, City Clerk (530) 865-1601.

Arts Commission

The Arts Commission consists of seven members, four of whom shall be individuals who work or are involved in the arts. The functions of the arts commission include advising the City Council on proposed funding for various community arts organizations, proposed funding for community art projects, assisting in the site selection of community art projects, reviewing and making recommendations on the technical and aesthetic aspects of proposed community artwork, organizing competitions for artistic works in public places, implementing the goals, objectives and policies of an arts master plan when adopted by the City Council and to perform such other advisory duties pertaining to public art as the City Council from time to time may require.

Commission Members: Rae Turnbull, Jim Scribner, Mary Rose Kennedy, Steve Elliott, Jill Elliott, Patricia Turnbull and Mason Greeley

Staff support: Rebecca Pendergrass

Council Liaison: Bruce Roundy; Alternate – Dennis Hoffman

Economic Development Commission

The Economic Development Commission consists of five members who are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. All reasonable attempts are made to select at least one member from the Orland Area Chamber of Commerce and one from the local financial community.

The Commission advises the City Council on issues related to facilitating, acting upon and developing strategies and tactics to retain and expand existing businesses and attract new businesses, expressing a commitment to growth within the area of the City, recommending legislation and policies that will implement and further the objective of local economic growth.

Commission Members: David Allee, Brien Hamilton, Charlie Gee, Ron Lane and Russell Pierce.

Staff: Pete Carr, City Manager; Rebecca Pendergrass, Staff Support

Council Liaison: Jeffery Tolley; Alternate – Bruce Roundy

Library Commission

The Library Commission consists of five members, who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

The Commission advises the City Council on issues related to preparing, reporting to and necessarily reflecting upon the operations of the Orland Public Library, recommending legislation that will implement and further the goals, necessities and purposes of the Orland Public Library, assisting the City Librarian in preparing the annual library budget, assisting the City Librarian in developing and prioritizing library objectives, and, recommending and suggesting procedures for the orderly operation of the library.

Commission Members: Salina Edwards, Sherry Romano, Lynda Fitzgerald, E. Ann Butler and Mary Ann Deeming.

Staff: Jody Meza, Librarian

Council Liaison: Chris Dobbs; Alternate – Dennis Hoffman

Parks & Recreation Commission

The Parks and Recreation Commission consists of five members, who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council.

The Commission advises the City Council on issues related to planning, improving, supervising and maintaining present and proposed parks and playgrounds, encourage, foster, facilitate, establish and maintain a systematized program of recreational activities to be made available to the residents and visitors of the city.

Commission Members: Jason Ovitz, Karen Baldridge, Shannan Ovard, Joser Rosales and Larry Carmona.

Staff: Joe Fenske, Recreation Director

Council Liaison: Bruce Roundy; Alternate – Billy Irvin

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of five members, who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. Membership will consist of a majority of members residing within the city limits of the city of Orland, and the remaining members to reside within the 95963 postal zip code area. The applicants are interviewed by a panel consisting of the City Manager, City Planner, the City Engineer, and a member of the City Council and make a recommendation to the mayor and council.

The Commission advises the City Council on issues related to, developing and maintaining a comprehensive long-term general plan that meets requirements of state law; developing and maintaining such specific and area plans as may be necessary or desirable to assist in implementing the general plan; administering the City’s zoning and subdivision ordinances and recommending revisions when deemed desirable; street names for all proposed new streets and name changes for any existing streets; and the Commission will review and act on applications for development approval where provided in the City zoning and subdivision ordinances.

Commission Members: Wade Elliott, Sharon Lazorko, Doris Vickers, Stephen Nordbye and Mike Yalow.

Staff: Scott Friend, Contract City Planner; Janet Wackerman, Staff support

Council Liaison: Dennis Hoffman; Alternate – Jeffery Tolley

Public Works & Safety Commission

The Public Works and Safety Commission acts as an advisory committee to the City Council regarding a variety of safety issues. It provides a public forum for citizens to voice ideas and concerns affecting public safety, traffic and pedestrian issues, including Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services. The Commission strives to raise public awareness, suggest improvements, and encourage educational forums and safety programs.

The Commission advises the City Council on issues related to prioritization of short-term and long-range construction projects to be completed by public works crews or by contract, review development standards for streets and related infrastructure, review construction cost estimates for public works crews to complete private construction projects, approve assessment of charges to reimburse the city for use of public works crews to complete emergency projects on private property, review and comment on recommended list of projects to be completed with outside funding such as Local Transportation Development Act funds, grant funds, etc., recommend projects for consideration that may have no present funding source, and review construction related projects for utilities operated by the city.

If you have suggestions for the commission regarding ideas, needs, concerns or improvements, print out this form, complete it, and either mail it or drop it by the police department or City Hall at 815/817 Fourth Street, Orland CA 95963. You may also fill out this online form and submit to any Commission member. Public meetings will be held monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. The agenda will be posted at City Hall.

Commission Members: James Paschall Sr., Byron Denton, Monica Rossman, Emil Cavagnolo and J.C. Tolle.

Staff: Joe Vlach, Chief of Police; Justin Chaney, Fire Chief; Ed Vonasek, Public Works Director; and Jennifer Schmitke, Staff Support

Council Liaison: Dennis Hoffman and Chris Dobbs; Alternate – Billy Irvin